The Charlie braveheart foundation strives  to make medical care of children fear, pain, and stress free. This can relate to care in the emergency department but is also relevant when children must undergo longer treatments or are chronically ill.

The Charlie Braveheart foundation works closely with a group of experts, united in the PROSA expert centre, to find solutions to optimise care for children.

2020-2021 where the years where we would have significantly invested in education for professionals, to organise symposia and help to develop the PROSA expert centre.

Due to the Corona limitations we made adjustments in these educational activities.

Nevertheless there are a number of impactful results that we can share with you and we would love to thank you for your continuous support.


The PROSA-expert centre was founded as a separate foundation. It is focussed on organising education for healthcare professionals, to support implementation, provide consultation in individual cases and to develop guidelines and protocols to improve procedural comfort for children. A Managing Director has been installed to provide the organisational aspects of the Expert centre and to help to create and build a solid network.
Effort has been made to create an online educational platform that also supports a networking enviroment where professionals can meet each other and search for solutions with shared experience and expertise. 

Effort has been made to create a online educational platform which also supports a networking enviroment where professionals can meet each other and search for solutions with shared experience and expertise.


In Februari, 2 three-day courses were organised for healthcare professionals. These professionals originated from 13 different hospitals and healthcare organisations. In these courses the professionals learned a broad skillset of how care for children can take place in a way that is free from pain, anxiety and without the use of restraint. These professionals are now able to bring this skillset to their own organisation and receive follow ups from PROSA as and when it is needed.


Participants of the 3-day course have commenced projects in their own organisations. These initiatives vary from small local symposia, where the main topic is “how to organise procedural comfort”, to the develoment of infographics which help colleagues to become aware that care can be organised in a different way.

Another development has been in providing consultation of the PROSA expert centre by professionals in specific cases. The faculty helps find solutions in these cases together with the responsible healthcare professionals.


For the Expert centre a number of lectures and testimonials were filmed. This is to improve, and provide better educational material for the healthcare professionals that attended the 3-day course, for the faculty and for future participants.


For the Dutch Foundation of Pediatrics (NvK) a presentation was given by pediatricians and nurse practictioners who work as faculty for the PROSA expert centre. This digital presentation was made during the annual congress under the topic: “The importance of pain and stress reduction in pediatrics.”


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The PROSA symposium was planned to take place in Maastricht ( NL) however due to regulations it was changed into a Webinar, where online presentations where given on 2 separate days with a variety of topics concerning fear, pain, and stress reduction.

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More than 700 national and international professionals attended this webinar and the free link to watch it is still available for all people who are interested.


To be able to provide local anaesthesia of a wound that needs suturing whithout use of a needle, the PROSA expert centre is supporting the introduction of LET Gel in the Netherlands. This makes the treatment of wounds in the emergency department far less painful and frightening. In 2021 a pilot of the use of this LET Gel will start and, as anticipated, availability for the hospitals will follow shortly thereafter.


The faculty of PROSA provided an introduction to complementary techniques for the specialized education to become a pediatric nurse. This will be followed up in 2021 and become an ongoing part of the curriculum.

Subjects will also be introduced in the specialisation of ER-nurses.


The Wilhelmina Childen`s hospital was supported in their implementation process by the faculty of PROSA. This was to inform healthcare professionals about the use of Nitrous oxide. It consisted of checking the technical aspects, providing education and onsite supervision with their own patients  The follow up will consist of on demand consultation and further education of other professionals in the hospital


In the Princess Máxima hospital, and hospitals that are connected to it, we helped  train oncology healthcare professionals in the use of hypnosis and hypnotic positive language. 165 healthcare professionals have received training so far. The people that have attended this training vary, from nurses, childlife specialists, psychologists and pediatricians.


Charlie Braveheart supported a designer to participate in Dutch Design Week. The designer organised panel discussions with experts in the field of self regulation through breathing. These techniques have not yet been applied to children so this is very innovative. The designer made a concept of a cuddle that can help a child regain autonomy and reduce stress.


A number of infographics were made about the use of topical anaesthesia and an instructional one pager was developed concerning the kind of speech that parents can use to help reduce stress when a child needs to go to a hospital.

Also guidlines to help decide if a child needs to be tested for Corona were created. These were developed together with the Child and Hospital foundation. (Kind&Ziekenhuis)

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